Sutera Hall


The Sutera Hall venue uses local cultural elements that adapt to the location where Sutera Hall was founded. The Cisadane River is an illustration of local wisdom to show the diversity of Indonesia. The main segment they are targeting is the wedding industry which requires all wedding elements to be aligned on the website.


Sutera Hall

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Embedding wedding elements in collaboration with other elements such as exhibition halls, conferences and concerts in a venue provider service is not an easy thing. Because more than one element must be represented on the website, it is necessary to align which elements are the priority to be improved on the front view. So that people who visit the Sutera Hall website will be understand the concept of Sutera Hal as a “Multi Function Hall”.


I tried to provide the main picture on the main appearance of the website by taking a picture with a wedding theme which was set to match Sutera Hall’s color gradient. Then I didn’t forget that in the following parts I also continued to display the “Multi Function Hall” theme more sharply through the description of each event. Providing an overall appearance that can give an exclusive and elegant impression so that everyone who comes to visit will be amazed by Sutera Hall.

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