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Adritha Consulting is a business consulting company engaged in providing/supporting company documents for overseas owners. Being located in Bali means Adristha Consulting has a market of foreigners who want to invest or do business in Indonesia. The website that must be created has a theme that is formal, informative and attractive to foreign business people.


Adristha Consulting

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Creating a website that can attract the interest of foreign business people is not easy. Because we have to understand what their needs are, and how we provide information and services that match what they want to see. Apart from that, another problem is that mixing business themes with Balinese (art) themes certainly requires unusual ideas. So there needs to be a touch of eccentricity


The website layout design is made straight to the point and the addition of formal ornaments to every aspect of the website makes this website even more impressive as a business consultant but still has a futuristic art style in accordance with the Balinese theme. The colors used in the background of this website are adjusted to the colors of Adristha Consulting’s logo, but still provide convenience for readers who are used to reading books/calculating their own business investments.

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